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Decorate Candles As Favors


  T H E   C O S T   E F F E C T I V E   B R I D E

  Vol 1, No. 5                    March 12, 2001


Kelly Kons, Editor,

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The Cost-Effective Bride \ Kós-te-'fek-tiv Brid \  n.
(2001):  The about-to-be-married woman that desires the
tangible, emotional, and memorable benefits of her
wedding to outweigh the money and time spent on
producing those benefits.  She is both elegant and fun,
emotional and sensible.  She understands that more
expensive does not necessarily equal better.  She is


                 FEATURED ARTICLE


Last issue (
I talked about making table decorations
simply with candles, mirrors and rose petals.  I
mentioned that votive or tea light candles would be a
great and inexpensive favor idea.  But, what about a
way to make them more personal?  How to make these
candles truly a part of your reception decorations and

Here's where the creativity comes in.  First, as
before, decide what your favors budget is.  You will
always  go over budget if you don't have one, so make
sure to write down how much you plan on spending on
favors (as well as everything else you plan on spending
money on for your wedding).  Okay, now that you have
that accomplished, once again we are heading to your
local craft store.

Here is what I believe is the key to your success -
keep an open mind.  When you don't know what you are
looking for, you never know what you might find.
So...what are you looking for?  Anything!  Well,
anything you could decorate a candle with, that is.
Things like, ribbons, corrugated or other sorts of
paper, stickers, bows, boxes (to put the candles
in) creative!

Something that always looks wonderful at weddings is
tulle (if you aren't sure what this is, just ask the
craft store staff, they will know right away).  White
and off-white are normal wedding colors, but tulle is
sold in any variety of colors.  You could buy your
bridal colors and white.  Wrap the candle once in the
bridal color (for example, lavender) and then again in
white.  Tie the top with a lavender ribbon and you have
a cute sachet candle.

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You can also wrap corrugated paper around the
circumference of your votive candle and then tie it
closed with a ribbon or two.  Or, you could buy some
stationary stickers (usually used to seal envelopes)
and hold the paper together with these.  Before you put
the stickers on you can write a saying on them, or use
stamps to put designs on them.

If you have a stamp maker in your town, you can even
have them create a personalized stamp for you.  Then,
if you want to get really messy you can actually seal
your candles or the paper around it - a fun way to do
this is to melt old crayons or candles, pour a small
amount on the candle or paper, wait a few seconds for
it to set, and then press the stamp into it. (Your
stamp will need to be relatively simple for your
guests to be able to see the design - for example your
monogrammed initials.)  The result will
be a sort of medieval seal.

Maybe your craft store sells wires with beads at the
end - you can wrap these around your candles.  Maybe
they have some really pretty ribbon for sale - tie
these around your candles for a simple and elegant
look.  Maybe they have strings of beads that are
exactly your bridal colors - wrap these around your
candle, or cut them up into individual beads and press
them into the sides of your candles - there are so many

Whatever you do, you are probably going to need some
help.  Don't worry!  It has been my experience that the
people close to you are just dying to find some way to
help you - so don't be shy.  Hopefully, if they don't
want to help, they will just say, "No."

Good luck and HAVE FUN!  Use this as a stress-reliever,
not as a stress creator - don't expect perfection for
every candle.  The small nuances and imperfections are
what will make each candle unique and personal.
Finally, when your candles are finished, e-mail or
send me a picture of them and tell me how it went.  I
would love to hear from you and about your experiences!

Kelly Kons, Editor

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- Kelly Kons, Editor


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