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Make Your Own Veil for Your Wedding

    T H E   C O S T   E F F E C T I V E   B R I D E

    Vol 2, No. 6                       July 2, 2001


Kelly Kons, Editor,

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The Cost-Effective Bride \ Kós-te-'fek-tiv Brid \  n.
(2001):  The about-to-be-married woman that desires the
tangible, emotional, and memorable benefits of her
wedding to outweigh the money and time spent on
producing those benefits.  She is both elegant and fun,
emotional and sensible.  She understands that more
expensive does not necessarily equal better.  She is

                  FEATURED ARTICLE

Did you know that a veil is really not all that
difficult to make?  Well, if you are like me and not
particularly handy with a needle and thread, then it is
not entirely easy, but it is definitely still possible.
What is really great about making your own veil is that
it is completely the cost-effective way to go (unless
you get really carried away).

What I mean by that is, if you go to a bridal store
and buy a veil, it is probably going to run you
anywhere from $50 to $200 or more!  If you go to a
craft store and buy the materials needed to make a veil
it will probably be around $30 or less!  To me, this
means that you don't have a lot to lose.  If you try to
make a veil yourself and you end up absolutely hating
it, you only lost $30 and you can either try again or
choose to spend the extra money on buying one at a

So, how do you make a veil?  Well, here's the thing,
every veil is different and there are ton of different
styles out there.  So, depending on what you
want your veil to look like, it will be different as to
how you make it.  So, to be honest with you, I won't be
telling you how to make a veil in this article, but
rather how to go about making your veil.  Here's what I

For my wedding, a friend of the family - Cheri, made my
veil.  She did a really great job and so when I
recently asked her how to make a veil she told me to
check out the following website to see some different
veil styles: * - there are lots
of pictures to look at to get some ideas, so look
around and see what styles you like.

Here is a list of items that Cheri gave me that you
will probably need to make your veil once you have
decided how you would like it to look.  All of these
can be found at your local craft store (and if you
don't know what some of them are, just ask the store
personnel and they will give you a lot of help).

- White floral wire
- Heavy button hole thread to gather top edge of tulle
(correct name for the veil fabric)
- Silk flowers/pearls/beads
- Velcro (if veil is to be detachable)
- Fabric from dress or similar fabric to cover
head frame
- Wide ribbon to cover the inner portion of the
- Batting to add dimension if using a headband or
- Plastic combs to keep headpiece/veil in place.

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Once you have decided on the style and you have
gathered the items necessary to make your veil, it is
time once again to get creative.  If you know how to
sew, then you probably won't have a lot of problems.
But, if you need some help, talk to some family members
and see if there is anyone who can give you a hand.
Your craft store can also be a great help.  Sometimes
they even offer classes - or may be willing to give you
a class - on how to make a veil.

My local craft store is Jo-Ann Fabrics and I really
like their store, so I contacted their website
(* to see if they had any advice for you.
They directed me to this address: - check out "Bridal Veil Champagne".

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Okay, here is my last piece of advice to you about your
veil.  If you have beading on your wedding dress and it
is possible to get it altered a few months before your
wedding - do so!  Ask the seamstress to save the beads,
sequins, etc. for you.  Then, you can use the exact
same materials on your veil as are on your dress.  You
can even glue or sew beads or sequins onto the tulle
portion of your veil to add a bit of glitz to it.

No matter what, have fun with it!  The goal is to
reduce your stress by reducing the amount of money
you spend on your wedding - but, if this project is
going to drive you crazy then ask for help or hand it
off to someone who has the time and energy to tackle

I hope this is a good start for you towards saving
money on your veil and wedding!  And, good luck to you
in all you do!

Kelly Kons, Editor

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